One of the best speakers, educators, presenters I’ve ever heard! I will go wherever Mark Cross is! This was perfect for Advanced Beginners and I learned so much as an Advanced Intermediate genealogist!

He was a superb speaker, with great information which I know I’ll take some time to digest and follow up on.

One of the best presenters I have heard at any conference. Thanks and many thanks for the resources and input on your resources.

Mark Cross took a subject and made it VERY INTERESTING. His presentation was inspiring and has made me rethink my approach to research and the need for proper documentation.

We’re all playing a game of hide and seek, thanks for giving us a plan of attack.

Thank you for reminding us that none of us are infallible and mistakes are made by: census takers, recorders, and genealogists — not intentionally but due to bad handwriting, bad spelling, and poor vision…

I think we’ve had other land topics but none that I remember covering it the way you did and how early lands were parceled in plats etc.